About Us

DDS LLC is the corporate entity that designs and manufactures InAlign Toe Sockets. Incorporated in April, 2016.

InAlignStudios.com is the web address, URL, for InAlign Toe Sockets.

I am an architect by training, a software designer and developer by experience, and a fully seasoned IT project manager. And I have bunions and I’m doing something about it!

Engaged with me is a small group of special people.

  • A Podiatric surgeon with decades of experience with bunions and the full range of medical foot and ankle issues.
  • A university Physical Therapy professor with decades of experience and specific expertise in bunions and foot and ankle biomechanics.
  • A Healthcare operations and medical device executive, whose business focus (MBA) stems from his degree in Physical Therapy.
  • A serial medical devices entrepreneur.
  • 7 Friends and Family investors.

Our goal is to provide comfort and relief to bunion sufferers, like you and me, everywhere.